What is the Best Travel Social Network 2018 Has to Offer?

What is the Best Travel Social Network 2018 Has to Offer?
April 1, 2018 SmartLifeKenya

The best travel social network 2018

So you are just about to take off on your first African adventure and you want to share your travels with friends and family, but you’re not sure what the best travel social network is. Not to worry, here at Smart Life Kenya we’ve done the research for you and found the best travel social network of 2018. Gone are the days of trekking across the world with a bulky camera, downloading photos to your laptop, and creating online albums to share with others. With mobile phone cameras reaching the point of being capable of taking better photos than the average person will need, most travelers are leaving their handheld digital cameras at home and recording their travels with the mobile device. But it’s not just about the quality of the photos, it’s also about the simplicity and ease of sharing said photos. Sure, sharing your travel memories on Facebook and Instagram is a breeze, but there are new tools that make the recording, organizing, and sharing of your most unforgettable travel moments even easier. There is a new travel social network called Driftr that is quickly revolutionizing the way travelers are documenting and sharing their travels.

 What exactly is Driftr?

Driftr is a new travel social network app available for iPhone, Android, and web. But it’s also so much more. Some of the most serious travel bloggers are calling Driftr the best travel app for iPhone and Android that helps you plan, book, trip, record, and share your adventures on a single platform. Until now, there hasn’t been a single platform that does it all. Driftr may, in fact, be the most feature-rich travel social network in existence, and even though we simply can’t cover everything in a single post, here are our top 5 favorite features available on the Driftr app.

1) Streamline sharing travel stories across all social networks

Everybody knows it’s easy to share a post on Facebook and Instagram, but what most people don’t realize is how limited the reach of those shares are. With Driftr, you can connect all your social media profiles and instantly share your travel moments across all social networks. Additionally, the Driftr travel social network provides a social reach in the millions, making it easy for other travelers to like, share, and comment on your moments. This kind of networking goes both ways, making it easier for you to find the best places to travel to, the best places to stay, and the most exciting attractions to enjoy on your next trip simply by browsing public posts from other travelers.

2) Simplify sharing travel stories on any device, anywhere in the world

As a cross-platform social network for travelers, Driftr is compatible with every mobile device and can be used anywhere in the world. Not only is the app available for all iPhone and Android devices, but it can also be used on any other device connected to the web such as a laptop or tablet. Additionally, there are settings that allow your device to auto backup and sync your profile and posts, providing offline access and allowing scheduled posts in even the most remote areas of the world, ensuring no moment gets left behind.

3) Geo-tagging and visual summaries of all your trips

If you choose to do so, all of your posts can be automatically geo-tagged, keeping your moments and trips organized by location. By geo-tagging posts, Driftr also creates a stunning visual summary of each trip with a map displaying when and where each post occurred. This feature makes it easy for friends and family to see exactly where you’ve been and what you did there.

4)  Document your trip in its entirety

Adding photos, videos, audio, and text is all it takes to create a new moment on your profile. Each moment is shared based on your privacy settings and saved to your profile, creating a unique travel journal that can be shared with anyone.

5) Detailed records of every trip that are easy to navigate and find later

Driftr creates detailed records in a travel log, allowing you to effortlessly start recording and saving your travel experiences in real time. By logging each moment of your trip, Driftr automatically creates an archive of your personal experiences organized and searchable by location, type, date, and more.

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